Top Collectible Dolls

Top Collectible Dolls: A Partial List

The holidays may just be over. Many countdowns have been made including the top collectible dolls for the year 2015.

Indeed, there are a lot to choose from, great innovations that truly represent how time flies. Children these days won’t have trouble looking for the perfect dolls for them, but parents might be worried with the range of prices these dolls are selling at. But for the collectors, here are only some of the gems that you might already have on your shelves. If not, you may want to consider some, if not all.

Harry Potter Dolls by Tonner Dolls
The lines from this collection is a must-have for the fans of the books and movies of the Harry Potter series. Most of the main characters, even Dobby is already available. Just hurry up because stocks are limited. If you are a collector, you won’t want to miss on even one.

Prices vary depending on the characters and its features. For example, a Harry Potter-Gryffindor Seeker Dresses Tonner Character Figure is selling at $159.99. While the Dobby Dressed Tonner Character Figure is at $89.99. Accessories and costumes are also available.

Marie Osmond Collectible Dolls
Looking at the lineup of the Marie Osmond Dolls will not make it easy for anyone to pick just one from all the collection. Her dolls are themed according to occasion. She has also introduced the Holly Hobbie dolls which first became a hit in the 70s and are now being reintroduced in the newer generation as the great granddaughter of Holly Hobbie.

Karito Kids
Move on Brats. The Karito Kids Doll Collection are much pleasant to look at with their girly student-like appearance. Not only they are a collector’s item, most kids should try them out for the purpose of enjoyment. The dolls represents different races and promotes friendship for all.

Every doll comes with a book themed with whatever the doll of your choice represents. It aims to educate while providing companionship and delight to its owners. The five dolls available at the moment are from China, United States, Mexico and Kenya. And what’s more, for each purchase, part of the money the buyer paid for the doll, will go to their chosen Kids Give charity. This is available for $99.99.

Captivating Swashbuckler Cissy
The movie Pirates of the Caribbean made way for this line of dolls to move up in the market. Pirates are in. That is why collectors want to get hold of a Captivating Swashbuckler Cissy doll. Just a caution, with only a limited stock of 200 pieces available, this would be a hard find and very pricey as well. It retails at $549.99.

This is only a partial list of the top collectible dolls. If you are just starting out your collection hobby, these dolls would surely be the right choices for you to invest your money on. When you already have them, make sure that you take care of each and every doll in your collection. You never know when those items would increase its value and will actually serve as a gem for you. But if that didn’t happen, it still is gratifying to look at these pretty and nice to look at collector’s items.

Small Collectible Dolls

Dolls come in different colors, sizes and shapes. If you find collecting dolls that measure 10 inches or difficult because there is not that much space in the house, perhaps you should only go for small collectible dolls.

But are small collectible dolls not as saleable as the bigger versions? Not necessarily because size is not an issue here but rather other factors that will be explained in this article.

First is the age of the doll. If you collectible doll was produced in 1960’s or even earlier, its value increases. The reason is because it is rare and old which means it is not something that people will not be able to find at the store. You have to remember that during the early days, no one ever thought of collecting dolls and this was just a toy to play with and thrown away when it is no longer in good condition.

Is the small collectible doll original? If the doll you possess is in good condition, then its resale value is also quite high. However if this was patched up, give it a second look because it may still be worth something to a prospective buyer in the future.

Before you buy a doll from someone, check on its quality. You should check it thoroughly and if there are problems, you can forget about it entirely or ask the seller for a discount.

Another factor that you should look for when shopping for a small collectible doll is the clothing. Is it original? Some say this will lower its value but this is not true because there are some collectors that can dress it in the same fabric when the doll was made and this makes it look good as new.

The body type also has influence on the doll’s value but this depends on who is looking at it. In general, if the body is still intact, then it will fetch for a high price. Equally so if this was repaired given that there are doll hospitals that can put everything back together again.

Lastly, small collectible dolls are more valuable if there are markings on it. Such things will tell you perhaps when it was produced. This can be found on maybe the shoulder plate, the back or maybe on the nape. This could either be in scripted or stamped.

If you put all of these things together, you will realize that there are a lot of things that determine the value of the small collectible doll. There are books on this subject so you can learn more about it. One of the biggest dangers is being fooled to buy a original when in fact this is a fake that can easily fool anyone especially for those who are new to this hobby.

Since there are a lot of small collectible dolls in the market, it is best you decide which one you want to focus on so it will be easy to ask a dealer if the item is available. Don’t forget to also check antique stores or even the flea market because you can get lucky sometimes and get a good bargain.

Soon, you will have your own small collectible doll collection. Some collectors just keep on adding while others trade or sell these to get something new. What you decide to do with it is up to you.

Are Rag Dolls Collectible

Are Rag Dolls Collectible Items

There are a lot of dolls being introduced in the market and they come in all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes and are made of different materials. One item that has been enjoyed by both children and adults which is considered to be a collectible item is the rag doll.

A rag doll is probably the softest one around and as long as manufacturers still produce clothing, there will be plenty of scraps around to make one.

The most famous of them all are the Raggedy Ann Dolls that first came out in 1915. It had brown hair and shoe button eyes. If you are an avid collector, you can probably buy one for a little over a thousand dollars.

Aside from Raggedy Ann, there is also the two headed Topsy Turvy doll. What is unique about this toy is that they have one head that is white and the other that is black. This was common among black children who were forbidden to have white dolls and so whenever someone would check on them, they would reveal the black side.

Babyland Rag is another rag doll collectible. Instead of using buttons for an eye or a nose, the faces were hand painted. If you are lucky, you could probably find one with an inscription telling you when it was patented or made. Since they have been around for a hundred years, this just goes to show that they do have value.

They are very ideal to have if you are focusing on a country style theme. This can be placed in the rocking chair or the couch which is very eye-appealing.

You might come across a faceless rag doll. If you happen to see one, this is what Amish children used to play with because although they were allowed to play with them, it was forbidden to have any faces. But since this looked dull, the kids would draw the eyes, mouth and nose using a pencil and then erase them before an adult would find out.

Another company that is not as old like those mentioned which also produces stuff animals and the rag doll is Steiff. It has a wide collection and you can get one for almost the same amount or even higher than the Raggedy Ann doll.

The nice thing about rag dolls is that they are soft and it does not have parts that could be swallowed by a child. This can be washed so it will look good as new if ever it gets wet in the rain.

You can even make your own version as there are websites and books that will teach you how to do it and offer various designs to choose from so you can make one instead of buying it from a seller. If it gets damaged, it can easily be patch up so this too can be passed on to the next generation.

But if you are very interested in collectible rag dolls, the best place to look is in an antique store and online. Two important things you have to do are to examine it first before you buy it and also do some research so you will know if you can trust the retailer.

So are rag dolls pieces of rug or collectible items? Given that they do have historical value, they must be otherwise no one will really care.

Buying and Selling Porcelain Dolls

Make Money Buying and Selling Porcelain Collectible Dolls

Who knew that the toys we buy can be profitable? Perhaps only the manufacturers but if you are able to find a good supplier and a list of buyers, you can make money buying and selling porcelain collectible dolls.

Porcelain dolls are not the different from Barbie because they come in different colors, outfits and sizes. What makes this stand out is perhaps the material since it is made from porcelain that is in essence clay and not plastic. This makes porcelain collectible dolls not really something you can play with even if you can change the clothes from time to time.

But how are porcelain collectible dolls made? Well, in Europe the materials for the arms, body, head and legs are baked then painted. Once this process is complete, this is then sewn together , dressed up and then placed in a box.

Since this is prone to dirt and dust unless there is something covering it, porcelain collectible doll owners have to regularly clean it to keep it in good condition.

Where can you find porcelain collectible dolls? Well, some say that the best are made from Europe like France and Germany. Since it is very expensive to fly there, you will probably have to search for these items online, select what you want and then have this shipped to you.

Before you buy anything, you should do a background check on the seller so you know this person will be able to deliver what you paid for.

What is the average price of porcelain collectible dolls? Believe it or not, you can find a few that sell for $10. If it is really of good quality, you may have to spend something from $500 to $1,000.

The most sought after porcelain collectible dolls are those from the Victorian era simply because they don’t make it the way they used to but there are makers who make similar copies which look very authentic.

If you want to know if what you have is real or a copy, look at the marks on the back of the neck. Just like an artist who puts his signature on the canvass, you will find here who, when and where it was made.  So, if you happen to get a porcelain collectible doll at a reasonable price, consider that a good bargain.

What should you look for in a porcelain collectible doll? If you plan to sell it later on, consider the condition and the quality. The skin especially on the face must be life like. The eyes should be firmly in their sockets and if you happen to see a doll that opens its mouth, check if all the teeth are complete. If there are some teeth missing, shake it because they are probably still in there that can be restored by bringing it to a doll hospital. But closed mouth dolls happen to be two times more valuable than open ones.

As much as possible, only buy porcelain collectible dolls that still have their original clothing and wigs. If this has been altered or you plan to make alterations, you better check if this will do any damage or not because this will either increase or decrease its value.

Porcelain collectible dolls are works of art and you have to see one to really appreciate it. Are they worth buying? In the long term yes because as long as it is in good condition, you can get a return on your investment.

Pictures Of Old Collectible Dolls

Collecting dolls is an exciting hobby. The problem is that you will be spending a lot of money acquiring them. But this should not stop you from appreciating them. In fact, another hobby you can do is shoot pictures of old collectible dolls and then just put these in an album.

But why shoot pictures? Aside from being much cheaper, this is easier to store and compile. With a digital camera in hand, you can attend a toy fair, a convention or any other event to shoot them and then upload it into your computer to have this developed.

If you don’t have time to shoot pictures, you can visit various websites online and right click using your mouse to save these images on your hard drive. You should take note that some sites will charge a fee so be prepared to pay when you are required to.

Those who collect pictures of these dolls feel that it is just like owning the real thing. Some have even made websites of their own to show what they have. Sometimes, collectors will even ask pictures from them so this can be used to help sell or trade one item for another.

Given that the price of pictures are not that far off from each other compared to the year that a doll was made, you can snap as many as you like.

But for them to be of great value to anyone, you should shoot only those that are significant. Some examples are the year that a particular brand was introduced into the market, the various collections available and special dates commemorating the doll.

Just like the collecting the real thing, hobbyists are advised to stick to just one particular brand because it is hard to stay updated when new collections are added each month. Don’t forget the old ones as well because in terms of value, these are the ones that people would love to see since the company who introduced it is most likely not making that anymore.

The greatest benefit perhaps of getting pictures of collectible dolls is that you become an authority figure on that subject. Although no one will become a historian of dolls, it is something worth sharing to those who have cannot tell the difference between dolls that was made 3 decades ago to the one that is available now.

This also makes you a very sociable person so whenever there is a big event coming up, you will be sent an invitation or even called up personally so you can bring your camera and take pictures for yourself.

When you have already hundreds of pictures of collectible dolls, you will probably be spending more time arranging things to make sure everything is organized. This may teach you a thing or two about fashion or also something else.

The advantage of having a picture doll collection is that you don’t have to clean it unlike the real thing that has to be dusted regularly. The downside though is that you can’t do anything with them except maybe flip through the pages because you can’t change the clothes or comb the hair. But if this is a worthwhile hobby to you, carry on because the most important thing is that you are having fun.

Holly Hobbie Dolls

Holly Hobbie Dolls Collectible, A Truly Worth It Hobby

May it be a hobby, a passion or a must for you, Holly Hobbie Dolls Collectible should fill up a worth it space among your collections.

Truly beautiful and unique, this doll could be enjoyed by young girls and even their moms. It is such a feast to look at. But did you know that there is a real Holly Hobbie?

Who is Holly Hobbie?
Born in 1944, illustrator and American writer, Holly Hobbie, created her namesake fictional character. The name given to her at birth was Denise Holly Ulinkas. In 1964, she married Douglas Hobbie. The author is known for her popular children’s books, the Toot and Puddle, and, of course, being the creator of the character Holly Hobbie.

From Nameless to Stardom
It started in the early 1970s when the writer/illustrator Hobbie started selling various versions of artwork of a little girl with a pet cat, rag-like dresses and wears a giant bonnet, to American Greetings. Because of its uniqueness and mass appeal, it became an instant hit and so the nameless character was named after its creator. From then on, Holly Hobbie, the character was born.

The character became a famous face on shirts, beddings, mugs, plates, figurines, watches, you name it. It really rose to stardom that you can actually see it all over at the time.

Next thing they knew, the Knickerbocker Toys got hold of the license to produce a line of rag dolls bearing the Holly Hobby character in 1974. And this has become a way for the character to have more and more following.

Holly Hobbie Continues to Shine
As years go by, many other collectible toys and animated character designs have filled the market and so Holly Hobbie diminishes into the limelight.

But if you think that it was the end for that line, you are greatly mistaken because in 2006, Holly Hobbie had a comeback and was received well. The American Greetings, together with Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products brought “Holly Hobbie and Friends – Surprise Party” DVD. This is said to be only the first from a planned series of DVDs.

The said DVD was released in March. It stars Holly Hobbie’s great-granddaughter that bears the same name as the original but dressed in a more up-to-date fashion and is involve in timely activities.

This is a good move because it doesn’t alienate the young viewers with the character while retaining the good moral values that the original version wanted to impart in the first place.

Marie Osmond and Holly Hobbie
Marie Osmond Dolls made available two Holly Hobbie dolls from its original line. This is such a collector’s item that debuted on QVC on the 17th of April. Dressed in a customary bonnet, print flowing dress with an apron and boots, it surely is one of the prettiest from the Holly Hobbie collection. It retails at $49.99.

A Holly Hobbie greeting card doll that retails at $24.99 was also made available by Marie Osmond in partnership with American Greetings. The doll, which is seven inches tall, wears a pink hat and simple dress with apron.

Lovable is the right term for the Holly Hobbie Dolls Collectible to become a hobby for most girls who know how to appreciate real beauty. This line is predicted to come a long way still because of its appeal and the moral values it imparts with the different lines it now has.

Discounted Collectible Dolls

Dolls are probably something you grew up with as a child. But some are not able to let go and carry this into adulthood. There is nothing wrong with that because you can make a few bucks when you are able to buy discounted collectible dolls from a reputable supplier.

One of the best places to look for discounted collectible dolls is the Internet. This is because there are hundreds of sites available and you can compare and even haggle with some of the owners to get a good price if you buy these in bulk.

In fact, you can even use this medium to sell what you have to potential buyers and use your profits to buy new items.

Before you shop for discounted collectible dolls, you have to know which products are in demand right now. This will assure you that you are able to make a profit from you buy and here are a few.

The number one on the list which has been around for close to 50 years is Barbie.  Together with Ken and the accessories that this girl has, you can be sure that people who played with these years ago would love to own them again.

Another favorite is Previous Moments that was released in to the market in the 1970’s. From simple drawings, their products diversified which soon included miniature collectible dolls. You can’t play with them or change their clothes but they are nice to have as décor for any room.

If you are into Charlie Brown, then perhaps you should get the collectible dolls by Madame Alexander. Since 1923, this company has been dolls of all shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Since the outfits are interchangeable, you can make one doll appear in different time periods.

Who cannot forget the Cabbage Patch Kids? What makes this collectible doll unique is that you don’t buy them but rather adopt them. You just have to visit their website because you can’t find this anywhere else.

Who said dolls are not better than the real thing? Lee Middleton dolls are so life like that at times, people mistake for it like a real baby in distress. New collections are added each month so you just have to find out what the market wants and sell this to interested buyers.

Surely, everyone has heard of Hasbro. This toy company gave us GI Joe, Transformers, Star Wars and a host of other action figures which caters not only to girls but boys as well. There are so many to choose from that you can already open your own specialty store.

One doll that is giving Barbie a run for her money is Bratz. Although very new in the market, sales have increased over the past 4 years. Since you already know how to take care of collectible dolls, can you imagine how much you can sell this for in the next 20 or 30 years?

Lastly, there is American Girl dolls. What make this unique from the rest is that they are ethnically diverse.

Each of these discounted collectible dolls has something to offer to the consumer. You just have to do some shopping, work on your pricing and take care of them properly so you can get a return on your investment.

Holiday Collectible Porcelain Doll

Dolls help bring out a person’s imagination. This is because she can pretend to be a grown up and let the toy wear fashionable clothes, shoes and hairstyle. In fact, there are a lot of holiday collectible porcelain dolls around and you just have to know where to look so you can find them.

But what makes the holiday edition different from the other types of porcelain dolls around? From the term itself, it represents special occasions in the country where the doll was made. This allows collectors from the US for example to learn a little about the culture of people coming from either France or Germany where some of the best in the world are made.

In general, the way holiday collectible porcelain dolls are made is the same. There are those that make this by hand which takes quite a while to complete while there are those that are churned up through a machine thus produced in large numbers.

If you want to start collecting porcelain dolls, the best thing you have to do is pick a holiday to focus on. Probably the best is Christmas because almost every country in the world celebrates this when the month of December comes. The yuletide celebration is done differently so don’t be surprised if you see other designs other than the Santa’s Christmas elves.

Once you decide on that, then the next phase is for you to do some research. Porcelain dolls are worth a lot of money so once you are ready, source around for suppliers and wholesalers that will give this to you at a discounted price. By buying wholesale, you will be able to recoup your investment quickly and have enough money to buy others.

Aside from looking for trusted suppliers, you should also check out porcelain doll shows, conventions, antique stores and specialty shops. After all, there is always the chance that they have something there that you were not able to find before.

In order to keep your holiday collectible porcelain dolls in good condition, you will also have to learn how to take care of them. If there is a smudge, use some warm water to take it off. If this doesn’t work, try using a wet eraser since this usually works.

But as a last resort, use a low abrasive cleaner. Just make sure that it does not have any bleaching agents because this may cause harm to the antique clothing, hair and the body. This should also be kept away from the sun because this can cause discoloration to the doll.

Lastly, handle them with care because when it falls, this will break. This is probably why only grown ups will like to collect it since these are dolls that cannot be played with.

Is collecting holiday collectible dolls just a fad? Just so you know doll collecting regardless of the type that a person decides to engage in happens to be the second most popular hobby in the US. This just goes to show that no matter how old you get, there is always a little child inside that holds on to those memories.

So, if stamps or maybe coin collecting is not for you, try to collect holiday collectible porcelain dolls or something similar to it to make you go back to your childhood.



Collectible Dolls Are Extraordinary Gifts

Collectible Toy Dolls Are Extraordinary Gifts

When you have daughter, you probably gave her a stuffed animal or a doll. She would take this around wherever she went but at a certain age, they don’t like to play with them anymore and have found other interests. Does this mean that you can’t give dolls anymore? Maybe not for playing but collectible toy dolls are extraordinary gifts because this may soon turn into a hobby.

The difference with a collectible toy doll is that you don’t play with it. This is displayed and kept in good condition at all times so one day you can probably sell it or swap it with something else. It is very similar to a stamp or coin collection because their market value goes up every time. But in some cases, this does not the happen because of the law of supply and demand.

So what is the secret to increase the value of the doll? It is simply that this is an item that is very hard to find. One reason is that only a few of that particular item was made and there are only a few of them left. Back in the 60’s to 80’s, nobody thought of keeping toys in their original packaging.

Once it is given, the box is thrown away and then the doll is placed with the rest on the shelf. If it gets broken or the child gets tired of it, this is given away to charity or dumped in the trash.

That is the life of the doll or any other toy. But lately, everyone is feeling nostalgic and there is a desire to bring back things from the past. Some are even willing to pay a huge some of money for it like there was a time that a 1959 Barbie doll was worth $10,000.

But because know better now about how to take care of their collectible toy dolls, experts say that no doll will ever fetch such a huge price anymore. If you are lucky, you can probably make about $2000 which isn’t that bad.

So which collectible toy doll is worth giving as an extraordinary gift? There are a lot of brands so it is really difficult to point them all out. Your decision should probably be based on the personality of the recipient because if they are able to relate to it, they will appreciate what you gave rather than just saying thank you and just putting it in the closet.

You are probably asking next where you can find the collectible doll. The most obvious place is the toy store but to save you time and money going through the various shelves, go out and head down to a specialty store. The people who usually run these places are collectors themselves so they help you select which one is right for your daughter.

Another place is the Internet. There are various websites to check out and you will often find that the items there are much cheaper than the ones offered in the specialty store. Once you place an order, this will delivered to your door after a few days. You can gift wrap and then give it to your daughter on her special day or any other occasion.

Collectible toy dolls are extraordinary gifts. Even after Christmas is over, this will be something worth giving on her birthday.

Collectible Porcelain Dolls

What Are Collectible Porcelain Dolls

Before the 20th century, dolls were made of materials such as clay, paper mache, wax and wood.  Later on, manufacturers were able to use something else making such toys priceless today and these are known as collectible porcelain dolls.

But porcelain was not invented by the Europeans. This was discovered by the Chinese in the 600’s and this was used to make a cups, plates and pots.  Given that it can be molded to just about any figure, it wasn’t long before collectible porcelain dolls were made in different colors, shapes and sizes. The best part is that girls who play with them can change their clothes that teaches them learn a thing or two about fashion.

How is a collectible porcelain doll made? Well, the faces are made by molding special clay. This is then glazed with a special paint or left plain. This creates then two types of dolls, the plain version is called bisque while the painted one is called china.

This is then baked in a kiln which is similar to an oven at over 2000 degrees. Once the initial firing is finished, it is repainted and returned once again to the kiln. Since bisque looks like real skin, a lot of manufacturers focused on producing this instead of porcelain.

The face is then attached to the components like the body, arms and legs.  Such parts go through the same process, sewn and then dressed according to the collectible porcelain doll’s age, career if any and gender.

One of the best collectible porcelain doll manufacturers can be found in Germany. This is because of the intrinsic detail that is put into each one especially when the work is done by hand. France is another example which is why there is still a strong demand in the world. Naturally, there are others that make this but you cannot get the same craftsmanship and quality.

Just how much do collectible porcelain dolls sell for? The cheapest one can be purchased for under $10 while others may go up to $500. But the most expensive especially the antiques are sold for $1,000 each.

So, should you decide to buy collectible porcelain dolls, it is best to do some research first before you spend your hard earned cash.  This will let you know which merchandise are valuable or saleable right now in the market and if your supplier has a good reputation that produces with the highest quality for the customer.

One of the best places to find collectible porcelain dolls is eBay. This is because you won’t find what you an antique or limited edition version at the local or specialty store.  If you do decide to buy collectible porcelain dolls online, you better ask if the price already includes the shipping costs. Once you get it, make sure that this is displayed properly and protected because they are after all very delicate.

For those of you who are just starting a collection, it wouldn’t hurt to get one of those mass produced porcelain dolls at the toy store. Collectible porcelain dolls can sometimes be bought at the local flea market. You just have to go through each stall one by one. But if money is no object, then go visit an antique store.

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